Ganny Knits a Spaceship

You’re out in the asteroid belt. You need a spaceship. All you have is a ball of yarn, a roll of plastic wrap and a knitting needle. What do you do? You knit yourself a spaceship. This marvelous short novel for young adults shows how the laws of physics and a little applied ingenuity can take you a very long way—all the way to Mars and back.

Dancer in the Dark

Something bad has happened and the world has become strange and terrible. A self-imposed darkness has crept out of the cities and across the land. Seething beyond is a virulent brightness, inhabited by creatures of blinding presence. A wild boy beckons and a boy who is lost and far away struggles to understand who he is in this remarkable tale of discovery.


Annie is six years old. Something bad lives in her dreams and now it’s trying to get out. A very scary story that will haunt you long after you read its hysterical last line.

The Strange Disappearance and Equally Strange Reappearance of David Gerrold

David Gerrold writes to his editor about his bizarre peripatetic journey through the northwest wilderness and his accidental encounter with one of the legendary “green people” and his even more bizarre trek to uncover the truth behind the mystery. Originally published in two parts in the January 2007 and the April 2007 issues of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, this novelette reveals the author’s keen eye for detail as well as his mordant sense of humor. A deliciously vicious journey! Warning! There are terrible puns in this tale.