Frequently Asked Questions

Are your eBooks only available on Kindle?

Right now, yes, but I’m working hard at setting up access for other eBook readers.

Why is it taking so long to complete A Method for Madness?

Good question. All I can say is I’m probably more impatient than you are. I know what scenes and sequences still need to be written, and I know how they have to be written. I keep discovering new things about the Chtorran ecology. I want to work them all in, and I want to keep everything consistent, well-structured, and exciting. It’s hard work.

Do you mind fans asking about the books?

Not at all. I’m happy that people still want to read the next book. It’s better than being forgotten.

Can you give me a little hope?

Yes. There’s a big surprise in the works. It’s my favorite kind of surprise. It will please some people, perplex others, and probably piss off a few as well. I can hardly wait.

Will there ever be a movie or a TV series based on The War Against the Chtorr?

There’s nothing in the works. At this time, I still hold all the rights.