The Seminar from Hell

The devil has always been an expert in marketing, but the old fashioned way of recruiting souls just won’t work in a modern technological age. Have you ever been invited to a guest event for one of those courses? One that promises you everything? Well, you haven’t been invited to this one yet. Here’s the ultimate deal with the devil story–sacrilegious, disturbing, and ultimately poignant.

Two Meditations of King Kong

You come home from the movies, you’ve had a good time, you go to the fridge to get a snack, and suddenly, while standing in front of a day-old box of cold pizza, you stop and say, “Hey! If E.T. could fly away at the end of the movie, why didn’t he do that at the beginning? That’s the Refrigerator Door Question.

Here are The Unanswered Questions from the 1933 classic adventure King Kong, followed by King Kong, Behind The Scenes. This is the movie they should have made, an hysterical homage to the movie that started it all—and a whole new way to think about one of the greatest Hollywood monsters of all.

Nowhere Man

In this wonderful young adult adventure, a socially maladroit teenager invents a way to become a time-slicing superhero and uses his new powers to extract an exquisite revenge on his junior high school tormentor—and in the process learns a few lessons for himself as well. This hilarious tale is a delicious evocation of adolescent geekery. Don’t miss this one!

Franz Kafka, Superhero!

The further adventures of ROACH-MAN in his continuing battle against his terrifying arch-nemesis, the villainous Sigmund Freud! An hysterical short story by one of science-fiction’s funniest writers.