A Season for Slaughter

As tenacious aliens transform the wartorn Earth into a replica of their own terrifying world, a handful of scientists, soldiers, and citizens prepares to fight back.

A Rage for Revenge

In A Rage For Revenge, his third War Against the Chtorr book, David Gerrold increases the amount of homosexual material markedly, and pumps up the pop psychology and pop philosophy content radically. Page after page is devoted to characters speechifying on how to expand your consciousness and get in touch with your feelings, and then we have page after page of the characters weeping with joy or sadness and screaming in rage or ecstasy. There is some adventure content, with the narrator battling aliens, traitors, and malfunctioning robots with grenade launchers, flamethrowers, and military vehicles, but mostly the narrator is in consciousness-raising seminars or among religious cults or in some kind of commune, listening to lectures or sermons. In what some will see as a piece of self-indulgence each of the book’s seventy chapters starts with an aphorism from fictional … Read More 

A Day for Damnation

McCarthy was drafted from his college biology studies and became a member of the Special Forces. Then he is given the opportunity to contact the Chtorr, but when a helicopter crash leaves him and his companions stranded in enemy territory, he must decide whether to communicate with the Chtorr–or kill them!

A Matter for Men

With the human population ravaged by a series of devastating plagues, the alien Chtorr arrive to begin the final phase of their invasion. Even as many on Earth deny their existence, the giant wormlike carnivores prepare the world for the ultimate violation–the enslavement of humanity for food! Reissue.