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When will 'A Method For Madness' be completed?

The official site of The War Against The Chtorr is now live:  

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What formats are your ebooks available in?

Right now, my ebooks are only available for Kindle. But we're hard at work setting up access for other ebook readers too. We hope to have that in place before the end of April. For the latest information, please check the ebooks FAQ.



Short Bio

David Gerrold is the author of over 50 books, several hundred articles and columns, and over a dozen television episodes.

TV credits include episodes of Star Trek ("The Trouble With Tribbles" "The Cloud Minders"), Star Trek Animated ("More Tribbles, More Troubles" "Bem"), Babylon 5 ("Believers"), Twilight Zone ("A Day In Beaumont" "A Saucer Of Loneliness"), Land Of The Lost ("Cha-Ka" "The Sleestak God" "Hurricane" "Possession" "Circle"), Tales From The Darkside ("Levitation" "If The Shoes Fit"), Logan's Run ("Man Out Of Time"), and others.

Novels include When HARLIE Was One, The Man Who Folded Himself, The War Against The Chtorr septology, The Star Wolf trilogy, The Dingilliad young adult trilogy, the Trackers duology, and more.

The autobiographical tale of his son's adoption, The Martian Child won the Hugo and Nebula awards for Best Novelette of the Year and was the basis for the 2007 movie Martian Child, starring John Cusack, Amanda Peet, and Joan Cusack.