10 novels that have stayed with me

1984 Brave New World Starship Troopers Les Miserables War Of The Worlds Rebirth/The Chrysalids by John Wyndham 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Contact The Butterfly Kid

Not necessarily the top ten, or even the best ten, just the ten that popped into my head while thinking of the list. … Read More 

I’m not a writer I’m a storyteller.

Harlan Ellison, he’s a writer. He saddles the language up and rides it like a bronco that needs to be broken. He whips it like a dominatrix on steroids. He seduces it, plays with it, gets drunk on it, and wails on it like George Harrison showing how a guitar … Read More 

The accidental importance of science fiction

I wrote this paragraph as part of something else. I want to follow it up with some additional thoughts:

Science fiction got important by accident — because just enough of it contained useful nuggets of prediction or thought-provoking philosophical notions about how the universe might work that other people took … Read More